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Cinnamon Mocha Latte

Cinnamon Mocha Latte

PriceFrom $20.00
Excluding Sales Tax

It's literally like putting fall on your skin everyday. 

Rich chocolate (all that koko) notes mixed with the perfect hint of CINNAMON in a creamy shea butter batter! 


No need to put any other fragrances on top of this all naturally scented butter because it is scented perfectly to blend in with your natural scent.


Cinnamon Essential Oil Benefits:
  • lip Plumper
  • antibacterial
  • enhance circulation
  • revive skin tone
  • helps brain fog


M.A.R.S. BodyButter is naturally full of health benefits, such as improving blood flow to the skin, which slows aging. It's a great source of fatty acids, which help nourish skin, increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity. M.A.R.S. BodyButter is naturally enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, and it's an antioxidant. Not only does M.A.R.S. BodyButter hydrate, but it helps keep your body looking and feeling its best!


Lightly scented to accent your natural oils and fragrance.


All natural & made with six ingredients that you know, love and can pronounce.


By Felicia made just for YOU!


    • Shea Butter
    • Cocoa Butter
    • Mango Butter
    • Olive Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Essential Oils

    Customer satisfaction is of high importance. Due to the current state of the world returns are not allowed. If there is any issues with your BodyButter please contact us.

    **This BodyButter is subject to melting. Melting is normal if exposed to direct sunlight and heat sources - refunds are not given for melting. Please see care card and jar label for re-solidying instructions**


    Shipping will be calulated via USPS.

    Local Detroit Area delivery is $5 (15 Mile Radius Only)

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