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Michigan-Made Artisanal Rubs and Salve

Welcome to M.A.R.S. Bodybutter. Where All Natural is a thing and your skin is top priority! All Natural Sensitive Skincare made For You By Me, Felicia!

Michigan-Made Artisanal Rubs and Salve(1)
Michigan-Made Artisanal Rubs and Salve(2)
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M.A.R.S. BodyButter

M.A.R.S. BodyButter
All-Natural Goodness!

What's In Your Lotions?

M.A.R.S. BodyButter is created with the highest-quality ingredients and materials, made with only six ingredients that you know, love, eat and can pronounce! M.A.R.S. BodyButter is raising the bar on all-natural body products.

Do you know what's in your lotion or skin care products?

Applying Facial Cream

All Natural

M.A.R.S. BodyButter does not come from an industrial chemistry lab like most other skin care products. It's made with six awesome ingredients that naturally enhance your skin's tone and texture; M.A.R.S. BodyButter helps heal damaged, dry and irritated skin. You can feel peace of mind and confidence associated with healthy, radiant skin from an all-natural product. M.A.R.S BodyButter nurtures your whole body from the skin down.

Use Everywhere

M.A.R.S. BodyButter uses the power of nature to heal your skin, whether it’s dry, damaged or just needs an extra little boost of moisture. It works on eczema, scars, rough spots, dark spots, tattoo aftercare, dry hands, face moisturizer, lips, babies and even hair (that includes beards.)  M.A.R.S. BodyButter comes to you from a working, single mom, who knows the value of being able to use one product from head to toe.

Spa Essentials

Lightly Scented

Our luxury BodyButter works with your natural pheromones, not against them with an overpowering, artificial fragrance. Fragrances such as “Rosebud,” “Love That Koko” and “Sage Rose” are suggestive scents that enhance your intrigue. And fun scents such as “Cinnamon Mocha Latte” and “Sunny Delite” are certain to brighten up the mood.


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